Coastside Fishing Foundation​​​​

Further the interests of recreational anglers

About the Coastside Fishing Foundation

The Coastside Fishing Foundation is a California not for profit (501c3) company founded in 2014 by members of the Coastside Fishing Club to further the interests of recreational anglers and boaters, primarily in the San Francisco coastal and bay waters. Its major project involves the net pen acclimation of hatchery Chinook salmon smolt in ocean water rather than releasing them in the Sacramento River, avoiding water quality issues, especially during drought conditions. The delivery of smolt by the Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2023 usually the first or second week of May at Pillar Point on the Johnson Pier. It’s a great opportunity to bring the kids to see how this project works.

You can read about the project or see the entire delivery and release schedule using the buttons below. The Foundation release a 750,000 salmon smolt during May 2022.

CFF also provides funds, gear and volunteers for Kids and Veteran’s fishing events, working with other groups that have similar objectives.​

How is the Coastside Fishing Foundation funded?

The Foundation is funded by public grants and private donations and support of other like minded conservation organizations.

​The Foundation would like to express its thanks for the continued support of the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Department and its Commissioners who have granted CFF funds to help continue the successful Smolt Acclimation Program.​​

Please help the Foundation with your tax exempt donation.

Donate to the Foundation

Checks should be made out to
Coastside Fishing Foundation
​​​PO Box 5501 San Mateo CA 94402 US
+1 650-270-6112