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 Fishing Tips for Children

Thanks to a Coastside Fisning Club member for this link Taking Children on Their First Fishing Trip

Water Safety for Children

​​​​​​​While the focus of the Foundation is to support and fund kids fishing events, one of the Foundation’s viewers suggested providing links that provide safety information, like the link at coastside fishing club.  The Foundation is grateful for her suggestion.  Here’s the note received by Taylor Roberts, a gracious and concerned grandmother:

Hi there,
I just wanted to send you over a quick email! I bought my two grandchildren a Sunfish Sailboat for Christmas this year and once they learn how to safely sail alone (hopefully this summer) they will be able to take the boat out on the water. They have been taking lessons and sailing for a few years now, so it was finally the right time to get them their own sailboat. They live by the ocean so they have been exposed to water for some years now. My one requirement for them, is they must do some research and learn as much as they can about boat safety and how to stay safe when out on the water. They have been sending me pages and articles that they have found useful. They sent me your page last night.

I just checked it out, and I wanted to say thank you for putting it together! You have some great links and information about boat safety that has helped them learn!

They also came across this great article that I think would make a great addition to your page “Boating and Water Safety for Kids“.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind including it on your page? I’d love to show them that their hard word and research will help others learn about boating safety. And I’m sure your visitors will also find the article useful too! Let me know if you add it, so I can show them.

Thanks again,
Taylor Roberts