Resources & Information: For Vets

Hello Coastside Folks,

The Coastside Disabled Veterans Fishing Derby will be held in Half Moon Bay on Saturday, May 4th 2019.

This is the 5th year Coastside has sponsored this Derby. The Coastside BOD has chartered the Hulicat and Queen of Hearts this year and we will be getting out about 40 or so Vets fishing again this year!

A BIG Thank You to the Coastside BOD and all of the members of the club. Things like this are precisely what YOUR membership dues sponsor! Not to mention the Salmon Project which is by far more productive and successful than any other Salmon Project in this state. Nicely done Coastside!!

The BOD (your dues) is also purchasing 4 complete Salmon/Rock Fish rigs to be awarded to the biggest two fish on EACH boat! Alan Tani and I will go through the reels before they are mounted to the rigs and awarded. As per normal, I will create a nice Award Certificate from “The Members Of Coastside Fishing Club” and attached them to the rigs. Some terminal tackle (Rock Cod Fly’s and etc.) will be passed out to the Vets prior to boarding the boats as well. Again, it is your membership dues at work here.

Of special note here: all of the equipment being awarded is coming from The Outdoor Pro Shop AT COST! Man . . . the money goes real far at cost! Thank you OPS!! Come on by the Coastside Sale on Saturday April 6th at The Outdoor Pro Shop in Cotati, join the fun, get some great buys in the shop and have a Grill Crew BBQ lunch as well!

Thank you everyone!

At the Derby, the Grill Crew will be providing hot breakfast sandwiches, coffee, juice and sweet rolls (etc.) in the morning and a top-notch hot BBQ lunch for the Vets once they get off the boats! The Awards Ceremony will be held after lunch while desert is served. I will be posting photos of the event after I get back home from the Derby that afternoon. The Grill Crew has knocked it out of the park for the last 4 years, it’s going to be another home run for them again this year. Thanks Grill Crew!

As per normal, the Derby opens the first day of Salmon Season or when the Rock Fish season opens, whichever is first. If any of you Private Boaters would like to take out a Vet fishing, you can join the Derby too! I will post the Captain and Derby Entry signup sheet and related forms to this post once I get them. Sharks and Rays are not to be entered in this Derby.

I need two Coastside members to be my Weigh Master on each boat. I will provide a clipboard, pad of paper, several pens and the weigh forms. The Weigh Master must provide a GOOD scale. The Weigh Masters will assist the boat crew with the Vets as needed as well. This has worked flawlessly in the past few years and I will be relying on the Weigh Masters again this year. Thanks!

I will update this post as more information and forms become available.

Get bit and thank you once again to the Coastside BOD, Grill Crew, OPS and the members of our club! It is through you this can happen.

Kevin G.